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Silverwood Theme Park

The park is a very popular in the Northwest it is the largest park in the area. It is located in Athol, Idaho and has some great rides. If you aren't in it for the thrill try out some of the low-intensity rides like the antique cars, the barnstormer and boulder beach bay. They have Ferris wheels, a carousel, the steam engine train and so much more.

They also have some medium intensity rides like the avalanche mountain, that takes you down a 650 feet slide on a raft. Check out the bumper boats, the krazy coaster, paratrooper, the riptide racer and more. For those that want a real thrill, check out the higher intensity rides. There is an aftershock, that takes you over a roll, loop and goes backward at 191 feet. Try out tremors which has been voted one of the top-rated wood roller coasters in the country. It climbs over 100 feet in the area then speeds down into an underground tunnel. There is krazy kars, panic plunge, round up, and a few more great rides.

The park also offers cabana rentals that gives a nice and shaded area. Spend the day and enjoy the park. It is the perfect place to spend some time with your loved ones. They offer fun vacations, events, birthday parties and more. Make some fun memories on your weekend getaway you won't regret it. No matter what you want to do, get water and play in the water or just play on some of the rides, you will love the theme park.