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Near Heron Hills, MT
The Amber Bear Inn is located in a remote area, but it makes a great base camp to explore the area. It is adjacent to hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine National Forest. There are hundreds of alpine hiking trails with waterfalls, trout streams and ponds. The area is ringed with seasonal golf courses. The Inn is 20 minutes from Lake Pend O'Reille a lake a thousand feet deep and 25 miles long with phenomenal fishing and waterskiing. We are 2 miles from the Clark Fork River, which is one of the best fisheries in the lower 48 States. We are 45 minutes from Schweitzer Ski Resort, one of Idaho's largest snowsking facility. We are a nice day trip from Glacier National Park. And, our area is filled with bears, elk, eagles, osprey, moose and other wild life.

Captain Ken’s Seagull Charters

No area vacation is complete without a boat ride on Lake Pend Oreille ( a 20 minute drive from Amber Bear Inn). One of the best charter boats is Captain Ken’s Seagull Charters. Whether you’re wanting to just explore this 25 mile lake or want to fish the waters where the world’s largest rainbow trout was caught, Captain Ken will show you a very good time.

National Bison Range

No trip to Montana is complete without visiting the National Bison Range, established in 1905 to ensure the survival of America’s buffalo. It is located about 3 hours east of Amber Bear Inn and is a nice day trip. The Range is on the Flathead Indian Reservation and contains up to 500 bison. There is a spectacular 22 mile scenic drive around the Reserve’s 18,500 acres. Stay safe by not getting out of your car, these animals can weigh up to 2000 lbs. and are wild. To get there, go to highway 200 through the town of Dixon to the junction of Highway 200 and Highway 212. Turn Left, going north, and travel approximately 5 miles to the town of Moiese where the entrance to the range is.

Book a massage

Book a massage while lodging at the Amber Bear Inn. Amanda does a great job, and will bring her massage table to your room. Her phone is 406-544-1831, or visit her appt. page by clicking the button below.

Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum works to preserve the culture and the diversity of the Lincoln County as well as northwest Montana. Check out the artifacts of the area.

Sandpoint, Idaho

Visit Sandpoint, Idaho, a cute little tourist town 45 minutes from the Amber Bear Inn. To get to Sandpoint from the Inn you’ll travel west on Highway 200. It is a beautiful drive along Lake Pend O’Reille (pronounced Ponderay). The town has many cute stores and restaurants. Additionally, it boasts a variety of summer festivals and concerts. Check the sandpoint website for a listing of events.

The Cabinet Gorge Fish Hatchery

The Cabinet Gorge Fish Hatchery is open 7 days a week from 8 AM to 4 PM. The Hatchery takes up to 20 million Kokanee Salmon eggs per year, raises them into two inch fish and releases them into Lake Pend Oreille every June. They also raise westslope cutthroat trout to stock Idaho mountain lakes.

Ross Creek Cedar

Ross Creek Cedar is a grove of western red cedars, some of which are more than 8 feet in diameter and 175 feet in height. Many of the living trees were growing before Columbus set sail for America. An interpretive walking tour, slightly less than a mile in length, explains the area’s ecology and history.

The Heron Boat Ramp

The Heron boat ramp is a 2 minute drive from the Inn. It can be easily accessed by the public for boat launching, day-use recreation, and fishing on the Cabinet Gorge Reservoir. There is no charge for its use and both motorized and non-motorized boat launching is allowed.

Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park is the largest theme park in the northwest. It offers 65 plus rides, a water park and some casual dining.

Montana's Eagle Experience

Montana’s Eagle Experience is a “hands-on” place to meet, to learn and to be amazed by these iconic birds. Located in Noxon, a short distance from Amber Bear Inn.

Heron Happy Trails

We are pleased to announce the opening of Heron Happy Trails. Founded by Miss Marley Callaham- and assisted by Ms. Susie Kirby and trail dog, Emma- trail rides and riding lessons are now available.

Eller's Blueberry Farm

A fun summertime activity is picking blueberries at this farm located about 20 miles from Amber Bear Inn. There is a facebook page (Eller’s Blueberry Farm) and their phone number is 406-847-5566. They are located east of the Inn on MT State Highway 200, near mile marker 21. Call the farm to see when the berries are ripe for picking!

ATV Riding Trails

The Inn borders both Montana and Idaho public land with hundreds of miles of trails open to ATV recreation. Many guests leave their truck/trailers in a parking lot across the street from Silverwood Theme Park and drive their ATV’s through the forest to the Inn to eat and/or spend the night. There are Apps which direct you through the forest to the Inn. It is 40 miles by one route and 60 miles by another route.
There are no attractions to show.
Noxon Rapids Dam

 the noxon rapids dam

There is a system of dams along the Clark Fork River which are a major source of electricity. Local area dams include the Noxon Rapids Dam and the Cabinet Gorge Dam. Overlooks are seasonal, and when open provide great photo opportunities.
Cabinet Gorge Dam

 Cabinet Gorge Dam