Lodging 365 days/year
No prepayment necessary Fully refundable
Casino & ATM open 24 hours/day
Restaurant Open to Public daily 7:00 AM to 10 PM

Good Times As You Dine
Good Views As You Dine
Amber Bear Inn

Dine with us and enjoy great views and good times as well as delicious food!

Good Reviews After They Dined!
Breakfast comes with your room and it’s one of the best breakfasts I’ve had.
Sharen B
The food was outstanding. Chicken fried steak for dinner was wonderful!
Ryan & Amanda Cook
The food was exceptional…The views from every direction were remarkable
Caro Marcum
The food tasted great…the drinks were good and the place is warm and welcoming
We really enjoyed the food. It was all homemade with large portions
Tracy McKay
The dining is fabulous as you are treated to wonderful meals and drinks, seated in a great hall with a fireplace, full bar, windows all around to enjoy the pristine views
Rebecca Dupre
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Places to Eat

If you're out exploring the area you might want to explore a few of our local eateries!

Clark Fork Pantry

Located in Clark Fork, Idaho: nice street-view patio, sub sandwiches, bakery, soft-serve ice cream.

Ice House Pizza

Located in Hope Idaho: fantastic pizza with a variety of crusts and innovative toppings!

Halfway House Bar & Grill

Located in Bull Lake, Montana: beautiful drive up Highway 56 along the Bull River to this rustic Montana bar& grill. Good burgers, excellent prime rib when available!
There are no attractions to show.